Sunday 3rd September Catalogue – Initial Catalogue around 350 lots online right now…

Hi Everyone – so as we’re stood the initial catalogue, at around 350 lots, for our Sunday 3rd September is online via The-Saleroom and Easylive Auctions.. There’s still quite a few items to be added over the coming days, to take us above 500 lots by Friday give or take..

To be clear, the reason why we have additional assorted lots that go through and get added across the Wednesday and Thursday of our sale weeks, is because specific to the way that both Easylive and Saleroom’s item and new lot notification systems work.. it means that our new auction listing will appear every morning within a prospective buyers’ interests and the particular collectables they might buy.. 60-70 new lots per day in advance of the sale works and helps re-focus certainly trade buyers, amongst the 400-500 UK auctioneers’ catalogues that can often be online from month to month.

Halifax Mill Auctioneers | PREVIEW – Antiques & General Sale inc Chinese Pieces, Gold Jewellery, Omega Watches, Lowry Signed, Moorcroft, Silver, Mouseman, w/more to add (

Preview – Antiques & General Sale Inc Chinese Pieces, G… (03 Sep 23) (

Do make sure if you’re keen on bidding within our 3rd September sale, that you take a final look at the catalogue on Friday afternoon before the weekend, don’t miss out!


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