Our Services & Testimonials

Working with you and for you, we care more about your goods and achieving the best for our customers, than just profits and financials.

Halifax Mill Auctioneers – proud to be one of Yorkshire’s best options for selling antiques and goods via auction!

Selling with Us

Always professional and always friendly, our representatives are on hand to help you at our central Halifax location or when safely visiting your home, to consign your goods with Halifax Mill Auctioneers for sale.

Selling with our team is on application, so please initially drop us a line on e-mail, via social media or on the telephone in the first instance, just to let us know what type of things you’re keen to send to auction.

Our seller commission, which is plainly speaking the percentage amount we charge you for auctioning-off your property, is just 12% inclusive of VAT. Which means for a seller, that unless we’ve agreed any collection charge with you or are conducting a house clearance on your behalf where charges would apply, you’ll only have £12 deducted from every £100 of proceeds from an auction, in exchange for our services.

At 12% seller commission, we are in the top-tier of cost effective selling options in the whole of Yorkshire and present a solution that’s cheaper than a person selling via eBay!

Halifax Mill Auctioneers partner with Easylive Auctions as well as The-Saleroom, in order to reach as wide a buyer audience as possible, and at a sensible and cost-effective level for all parties. Easylive count over a million bidder hits per month on their platform and are working with over 350 UK auction houses, making them the largest growth online bidding website in the UK, outside of eBay. In addition to Easylive, our inclusive bidding platform for everyone, Halifax Mill Auctioneers also took steps to partner with the largest auction platform worldwide, The-Saleroom, via ATG. The good news for our selling customers, is that this Saleroom addition from April 2022, makes us one of the only auctioneers in West Yorkshire to have such a wide catchment/buyer audience, and certainly the best value.

Our auction catalogues are carefully put together, compiled and designed to ensure that we achieve the best results for our sellers, which means good quality photographs, lots of research, lots of advertising and in the end, happy customers.

You can expect to receive your auction proceeds within between 5-10 working days of the sale date, which will be either be via cheque or bank transfer.

As well as the public, we work closely with Trade and Retail businesses, and are more than happy to accommodate any bespoke requests to consign, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Buying from Halifax Mill Auctioneers

Acquiring antiques, rarities, retro goods and collectables couldn’t be easier.. either by dropping in to bid live with us on a sale day, or by registering with Easylive Auctions, or The-Saleroom as an online bidder.

Our buyer commission is set at 21% inclusive of VAT, and reflects a fair level of purchase premium commensurate with other auction houses locally within the Yorkshire region.

Bidding with Easylive does carry a small buyer premium, of either an additional 3%+VAT paid on top of the hammer price, or an upfront £3 with no other commission uplift, regardless of whether a person sends £300 or £30,000. Bidding with the The-Saleroom is a little more expensive, as any successful bidders via that platform will pay an extra 4.95%+VAT on top of any hammer price.

As we hold live auctions every three weeks and timed auctions either side of those Sundays midweek, we do ask that payment and any collection of goods is managed within the following working week of the sale day. Specifically we provide 72hrs for payment before chasing up our winning bidders.

Whether you’re bidding online or in person in Halifax, we request that all bidders register with us and provide their address, name and debit card information in advance.

Finally, we are always keen to make sure that our specialist buyers or general collectors are kept abreast of new consignments that are of interest, so we endeavour to keep in touch with our network of buyers via e-mail periodically month on month.

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Probate & Insurance Valuations + House Clearances

The differences between probate valuations and house clearances, can sometimes be thought of as a chalk and cheese analogy, but for our team they’re all part of our professional range of services.

We operate on a standard hourly rate of £80 +VAT (+disposal/skip costs & transport for clearances) across these types of ancillary services, and would be happy to provide a quotation on application.

Using the same service provider for both an auction and a removal of a loved one’s goods, is generally considered the most cost-effective way of managing the costs associated with clearing a relative’s home, given the opportunities to offset any costs against future auction proceeds.

“This was our first time using an auction house. James was very knowledgeable and sympathetic advising us clearing my parents’ house. He took far more items than we expected, and we are very pleased with the results.
Watching the sale proved a cathartic experience and really helped. We will certainly use Halifax Mill Auctioneers again, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

Chris Cousen from Huddersfield

“James reached out to me in 2020 to carry out a probate valuation for the family, which then led on to him assisting with and assessing our relative’s heirlooms and valuables, all of which did really well at auction. He was very professional, timely and worked around our needs, great job!..”

  • Paul Hughes from Formby

“We were in the process of finding a new home for my late father’s collection of toy cars and James kindly got in touch with me off the back of a Facebook ad I’d posted, to independently offer some help. He arranged to come and value the collection, spent a good two hours with us at our family home to catalogue everything and showed a real interest in both the toys and my daughter’s music memorabilia, I would happily recommend him to anyone who was considering selling their goods at auction..”

Pamela McGlone from Doncaster

“So a guy called James Watson travels two and half hours to meet with me and go through my parents items at our house after my parents passed away, he arrived smartly dressed, was polite and courteous and was a guy I’d never met before. We went through the items and he advised me as to what would sell and what they might go for, everything was then written down, safely packed up, and taken away for auction. We as a family would not have known where to start as it was all a bit overwhelming, he reassured us and kept in contact regularly about our goods. Fast forward to a few weeks later and the pieces made three times more than we thought we thought we would get. I can’t recommend James and the team enough and will definitely use them again if needed.

  • Sue Travers from Barrow-in-Furness

“James arrived at 5.30 one evening to take a quick look and give advice regarding some items as we cleared my mother’s house. He left two and a half hours later having clambered about the loft and shared with us his enthusiasm for the whole process of sending items for auction. We cannot state too strongly how much we value the expertise and sensitivity which James has shown in helping us with what has proved a difficult task.”

Martin Farrar from Brighouse