Next Auction on Sunday 2nd July, plus a recap on the last week + Top Five from 11/06

Good evening everyone, I hope you’re all well – so firstly the next sale for us is on Sunday 2nd July.. so far lots of Star Wars collectables, jewellery, and a wide range of vintage goods.., but who knows what will be on the horizon and catalogued with us by this coming Monday!

The last week or so has been a little quiet, but the sun has been out and we’ve all been enjoying the weather, so its no surprise that peoples’ minds have exactly been on buying and selling so much..

Our 11th June auction was an interesting one, some ups and downs, but with a number of highlights, primarily the LS Lowry signed print at just over £3,000.. Below is our Top Five from June – catch you all later in the month and thank you as always for everyone’s custom and support. James

Lot 5a – LS Lowry ‘Our Town’ Signed Print – £3,050

Lot 139 – 22ct Double Sovereign Coin – £900

Lot 132a – Diamond & Pearl Gold Brooch – £600

Lot 54c – American Embassy/Presidential 1981/2 Memorabilia Collection – £600

Lot 13 – Early Cased Concertina/Squeezebox – £560

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