An Update on our Antiques Road Trip TV Filming Day this coming Sunday 16th October

Good evening everyone! So a few updates about the Antiques Road Trip filming on Sunday for you all to be aware of…

1. Sadly, as per the way last year went when their team filmed some episodes, the BBC programme’s experts won’t be on-site with us – again down to restrictions around filming within a particular size of room whilst Covid is still with us, and still a concern..

2. The cameras will be filming THREE episodes worth of footage on Sunday, two for Series 26, like the arrangement we had for last year, plus as a last minute favour to the programme makers on our part, an episode of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, with the experts and guests off-site remotely.. The additional 10 items from the CART episode are being brought across tomorrow (Thursday), so will be late additions to the catalogue..

3. The catalogue is being added to with additional items both later this evening and tomorrow, as per the above note, so we should be up around 530 lots or so in total, 500 organically and locally from the sellers and vendors on our doorstep, and 30 from the Antiques Road Trip teams – two of the six experts I understand are Anita Manning and Philip Serrell btw..

4. It will be a busy and challenging day on the Sunday with pre-filming from 9am where the doors will be shut, plus with cameras taking up space, so please be understanding to and patient with me and the team, Sally, Jon, Emma, another John, Imogen, plus my Dad too, if you need anything, need to register, need to view an item etc..

5. If you don’t wish to be filmed on the day or run the risk of being ‘in-shot’ , then there will be areas where the cameras simply won’t go too.. don’t worry..

Speak and/or see you all soon.., thank you to all of our buyers and sellers and for everyone’s patience just generally over the summer and to date – we’re still a small and growing business and are grateful for the support, and equally so, patience and understanding..


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