Time for a Catch-Up! With no issues from our side in our customers not receiving emailed blogs.. Next Sale for us on 16th October, inc Antiques Road Trip filming!

Firstly I’m very sorry that its been such a long time since you’ve heard from Halifax Mill Auctioneers – a client of ours mentioned to me last week just in passing that they hadn’t heard from me for a while via the weekly blogs, to which I was confused – it turns out that we’d had an issue with the website which prevented communications sending, partially our provider’s fault, partially user-error on my part!

So both of our 31st July and 4th September sales were great – to wind back the clock on both to highlight the top hammer prices, please see the below breakdown:

31st July

  • Lot 52 – Antique Celestial Scope – £2,700
  • Lot 146 – Victorian Turquoise Gold Necklace – £850
  • Lot 184 – Collection of Cutlers Silver Spoons – £650
  • Lot 173 – Grand Seiko Wristwatch – £600
  • Lot 9 – Pair of Early Film Projectors – £600

4th September

  • Lot 30 – 2nd Century AD Roman Bronze Arm – £9,300
  • Lot 173r – Collection of Stamps inc Penny Blacks – £1,900
  • Lot 24 – Egyptian Old Kingdom Door Panel – £1,300
  • Lot 90 – 1806 18ct Gold Pocketwatch – £1,250
  • Lot 170 – Italian Designer Fope 18ct Gold Necklace – £1,150


So, our next sale should be an interesting one given the filming on the day, plus your job of guessing which of the lotted-up items are the experts’ best buys! For anybody who might want to enter any of their own antiques or collectables into this next sale, then we’ve got quite a long window from now, all the way up to the weekend of the 8th/9th October for you to consign and/or drop anything off – we’re still the best value like-for-like auction house in Yorkshire, so why not strike whilst the iron’s hot!

Speak to you all soon no doubt, hope you’re all well, and all the best to you and yours from the Halifax Mill Auctioneers’ team 🙂


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