Collectables from Generation to Generation – maybe time to sell?

Good morning blog/web followers, I trust you’re all well, not on a petrol or diesel hunt and gearing up for the autumn!?

I just thought I’d drop in a blog about something I’ve discussed face-to-face with a number of buyers and sellers this week, on the topic of how collectables’ values and appeal can dissipate, and conversely grow from generation to generation..

Whether it be dark wood furniture, cut-glass & crystal, Lilliput Lane cottages, EPNS & silver-plate, art prints opposed to originals, there are numerous examples over the last 2-3yrs of auctionable and saleable items’ appeal, just dropping off the edge of a cliff.. Collectors with a resale interest who didn’t sell their Goebels/Hummels figures back in the early 2010’s, or on a similar note aficionados of Swarovski, or Lladro perhaps, might now be kicking themselves over their widely accepted downturn in values.

So who’s to say going forward which of the rubber stamped quality brands that we all see at auction might suffer the same fate? Moorcrofts are on somewhat of a steady decline, sterling silver scrap values have slipped over the back-end of the summer, who’s to know which types of vintage and antique gems might slide before we get to 2024, and furthermore whether or not collectors might want to liquidate before any investments turn too far south.

The antiques & general auction industry had a boom period after the first 2020 covid lockdown, but as we’re returning to normality now, maybe Autumn 2021 could be the time to start selling..? Covid import/export restrictions aside, the US and Asian collectors’ markets are still strong and most auction-houses ship worldwide.

As to what type of artisan pieces or antiques the next generation of younger buyers might be drawn towards, my bets are on post-modern furniture, retro art glass.. anything art-deco.. no fortune telling I’m afraid and we’ll all see what the future holds I’m sure!

Next sale or us is on Sunday 17th October @ 1pm, keep an eye on our Facebook page for any preview photos and the catalogue, here’s a link to our FB hub:

Thank you for everyone’s support and interest, and all the best to all of our buyers and sellers for a bumper rest of the year!


Sunday Sunshine & Just a Few Days to go until the 26th September Catalogue goes live!

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all doing well, buying, selling, acquiring, loving your antiques and getting some bargains 🙂

So we’re in the middle of sorting and cataloguing right now, a little delayed compared to our normal upload day, but slowing getting there, poorly cats partially the cause!

Best of the bunch so far, there are still a few days left to consign items before this Wednesday though, include:

  • An Early Stanley Cased Theodolite w/two other Theodolites
  • Trio of WWII Floating ‘Bailey’ Bridge Documents and Plans inc 1944 Naval Pontoon Supplement
  • Collection of Large Interia Puppets
  • Pair of Miles Sharp Early Hove Edge/Brighouse Watercolours
  • A Lovely Antique Kents Pedestal Knife Sharpener
  • Large Collection of Various pieces of Silver & Gold Jewellery & Coins
  • A Number of Collectable David Bowie Items inc Rare late 70’s Young Americans Mirror, plus various LPs & Vinyl
  • Various Japanese Heritage Pieces and Campaign Chests

We will send out another blog once the catalogue is live on Easylive, see you all soon!


‘That’s the Way to Do it’ – Thank you for Attending our 5th Sep Sale!

So just a quick message to the good people who have added yourselves to our blog, to update you on how Sunday’s auction went – thankfully it was a good one. The only slight downside was how the puppets’ hammer prices fared, but overall it was a successful day – here are the top results, plus don’t forget that our next sale is on Sunday 26th September 🙂

  • Wainhouse Tower Model: £1,600
  • Collection of Indian Gold Jewellery: £1,450
  • Boxed Omega Geneve Watch: £800
  • Pair of Stinton Royal Worcester Small Vases: £550
  • Royal Dux Chariot Figure: £420
  • Royal Worcester Fruits Miniature Tea Pot: £440
  • Pair of Signed James Skerrett Worcester Tiles: £360
  • Early RAF Wall Clock: £340
  • Henry John Yeend King Small Oil on Board: £220
  • Trio of Wade Punch & Judy Puppets: £220

Thank you all for a Great 25th July Sale

Hi Everyone – so Sunday’s sale was a success, a little bit of a lull with some of the office furniture mid-way through the sale, but nonetheless still a great day for both our sellers and buyers..

Best results from the auction were the two 18ct Diamond Rings, at £1,000 & £950 respectively, plus the group of Mercantile/Naval medals, at £1,100.. In the end we managed to get the Alien vs Predator table away after the sale for £455, with a couple of other post-sale deals, however the large Duresta sofa, arguably one of the nicest things in the catalogue, is still for sale and can be privately acquired from ourselves if you can reach the £300+commission reserve we had against the piece.

We’re taking goods in as we speak for our next sale, so do drop us a line if you’re keen to take advantage of our market-leading seller commission, at just 10%+VAT.

One final point is around reviews and sharing the new-found love you might have for the business! If you’ve had a good experience with us so far during 2021, or simply just like what we’re doing, appreciate the friendliness alongside the professionalism etc, then please do pop a review into our Google business page, or into Facebook – any leg-up or support you can provide is really genuinely appreciated 🙂 Thank you and all the best to everyone for a great summer!


Our Catalogue for 25th July – 1pm start!

Hi Everyone, so we’re a little late with the catalogue launch this week, but I’m glad to say its up and finalised on Easylive as we speak – just under 320 lots I’m pleased to say! Here is the weblink:

Some of my favourites for this coming Sunday include an African Tribal Art Block (lot 9), Toulouse Lautrec 1969 Lithograph Book (lot 10), Handcrafted Vintage Ferris Wheel (lot 13), Oak Campaign Writing Box w/early Mahjong Set (lot 17), Early Display Cabinet w/Cadburys Advertising (lot 26), Yamaha YSL-445G Cased Trombone (lot 31), Russian 1960’s-80’s Stamp Collection (lot 35), Brazilian Piranha Taxidermy (lot 37), 1960’s Oil on Board of Fagin by Robert Wood (lot 40), Upcycled Edwardian Pedestal Campaign Desk (lot 56), Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac (lot 58), Ercol Blonde Dining Suite (lot 60), Extensive Bowie Vinyl Collection (lot 65), Good Collection of Various Wedgwood Jasperware Pieces (lot 75h), Pair of Shelley Vases & Coffee Set (lot 77), Bespoke Driftwood Corner Bench (lot 85), Squirrelman Light Fittings (lot 88), Foxman Don Craven Dining Table (lot 93), Set of Six Steampunk-Style Sci-fi Red Leather Bar Stools (lot 100), Set of Six Led Zeppelin Vinyl LP Records (Lot 109), Retro 1920’s Oak Carved ‘Killing Suite’ 3pc Lounge Set (lot 126), Purple & Green Large Duresta Sofa (lot 134), Edwardian Oak Coffer/Blanket Box (lot 139), Original Woodbine Tobacciana Enamel Sign (lot 141), Pair of Steel Mannequin Frames (lot 147c), Retro Fosters & Sons Leather Office Chairs (lot 150), Display Cabinet w/Chanel No. 5 Advertising (lot 171), Jennings ‘The Governor’ One-Arm Bandit (lot 176), 1950’s Moorcroft Floral Bowl (lot 189), Set of Early Scottish Bank Notes (lot 207a), Burmese Ruby & Diamond 18ct Gold Ring (lot 213), 18ct Gold & All-Diamond Cluster Ring (lot 221), Collection of Military Medals (lot 226), Pair of Parker Fountain Pens (lot 246), Flash Gordon Poster & Soundtrack Set (lot 259)…

Hope to see some of you for viewing in HX1 from Friday and best of luck with your bids!