Looking forward to the 18th/19th Weekend and our next auction – initial catalogue version now up and launched online..

Good afternoon everyone, hope you’re all well and not getting too drenched with this horrible weather!

So the initial catalogue listings are now up online, but they are being added to across today, Thursday and Friday to somewhere above 500 lots, with more incredible and interesting items and consignments, so keep having a little peek day to day as we move towards the weekend. The Saleroom and Easylive links are below:

Halifax Mill Auctioneers | PREVIEW – Antiques & Jewellery Sale inc Gold & Silver, Antique Furniture, LS Lowry Signed Prints + Harold Riley, Wedgwood, Vintage Toys,more2add (the-saleroom.com)

Preview – Antiques & Jewellery Sale Inc Gold & Silver, … (19 Nov 23) (easyliveauction.com)

Regretfully our 12th November auction date, is back one week to Sunday 19th..

Hi Everyone – sadly we’re having to put the date back one week, because I’ve been laid up at home since Sunday early morning with a bout of Bursitis, meaning that I’ve not been able to drive nor walk properly, which means I’ve not therefore been in the office to enable us as a team to finalise the catalogue.. To be fair to our vendors/sellers, its no good us trying shoehorn in the sale and release the catalogue this Friday for the Sunday, so we’ve been forced into moving it back. Sincere apologies to anyone who had planned their weekend around our sale and thank you in advance for being understanding.


Good afternoon everyone.. Hope you’re all well and looking forward to our next auction, on Sunday 12th November..

Hi.. so a week and a half to go until our next sale here at Halifax Mill Auctioneers – some interesting items already consigned, some interesting pieces held back from the 22/10 catalogue, plus I’m sure some interesting goods still to come over the next few days and into the weekend..

So far we’re looking at:

  • Around 100 lots of Gold and some Silver Jewellery
  • More Vintage Toys and some more Train Collectables
  • Some Lovely Antique Furniture
  • LS Lowry Signed Print & Lithograph
  • William IV Sterling SIlver Cutlery Service
  • A Great Collection of Wedgwood Jasperware Basalt and Blue silhouette Portraits and Busts
  • Plus much more besides!

Initial Catalogue Up online via Easylive and The-Saleroom as we speak.. more lots to be added!

Good afternoon everyone – so just a quick update on where we are with the catalogue for this coming Sunday, in that the first iteration is up and online now, 360 lots or so, with additions over the coming 48hrs, to take her up to about 500 all-in-all.. Further to our last blog-post, I just wanted to clue you again, in that we add day-to-day to the auction catalogue on purpose, as it means for online bidders via Easylive and The-Saleroom, that our catalogue, or more to the point, additional items of interest, will appear every morning all the way up to the weekend within each platform’s daily notification emails that get sent..

So, some great lots again.. if you’re interested in any of the below then do make sure you take a look across the listings:

  • Movie Posters inc Retro Horror and Sci-fi – The Hills Have Eyes, Krull, Escape from New York etc
  • Great Gold and Silver Jewellery examples, inc a 4ct Emerald and Diamond Dress Ring, plus numerous good quality rings, chains and watches, inc Tag Heuer
  • A Pair of Gold Sovereign Coins, plus other silver and commemorative pieces
  • An array of Harold Riley originals and prints from a private collector
  • Five good quality larger Peter Brook signed prints
  • A Great assortment of militaria inc Antique rifles, sabres, swords, daggers and a signed Field Marshall Montgomery item
  • Books, inc an early Huckleberry Finn and a Signed Douglas Bader biography
  • Ceramics, Pottery and Glass inc Royal Albert, Royal Worcester, Lalique, Clarice Cliff, Palatnik etc
  • Four lots of Yorkshire Oak Mouseman-Style Adzed pieces, by Eagleman Albert Jeffray – lovely quality across each of them
  • Antique Silver, Hallmarked pieces and other collectable plated items
  • Black Forest and other carved wood collectables
  • Grandfather Clocks, some interesting mantel and Wall-Hanging Clocks, plus a great Magenta (London) Time Recording Clock
  • A Huge range of Cameras and Photographic Accessories

Halifax Mill Auctioneers | PREVIEW – Collectables & Jewellery Sale inc Harold Riley, Gold & Silver Jewellery, Militaria, Chinese Ceramics, Lalique, Movie Posters, more2add (the-saleroom.com)

Preview – Collectables & Jewellery Sale inc Harold Rile… (01 Oct 23) (easyliveauction.com)

NEWS – Moving our Next Sale Date ahead a week, to SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well? So regrettably due to a family illness and the back and forth to Scunthorpe (for me) impacting on catalogue and sale turnarounds, we’ve chosen to move forward the next sale date, from 24th September, to SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER.

This change of date will likely reflect a benefit to any sellers having consigned for our next available sale, as the catalogue in its initial version/iteration, will be online (via Easylive and The-Saleroom) for a longer duration that the standard 5.5-6 days pre-sale that we normally operate to.

We’re looking forward to the auction and there are lots of interesting collections already consigned and catalogued, plus some more to follow later this week. All the best to everyone connected to this blog and supporters of the business – stay safe and speak soon, thank you 🙂


Our 3rd September sale, how it went, plus looking forward to the 24th September!

Good evening everyone, I hope you’re all well and not sweltering too much!

So Sunday just gone on the 3rd was an interesting affair, some great items within the first 80 lots, turn-of-the-century classics, to chinese artefacts, to silver and art, a really engaging mixture of collectables.. The top results were the two art pieces, namely the Harold Riley pair at £6,800 and the LS Lowry signed print, at £3,000 – both really solid markers to re-confirm our position as one of the top auctioneers in West Yorkshire. A rundown of the wider headline results are detailed below..

So our next sale is on Sunday 24th September and we’re taking in goods as we speak for that auction, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you’re keen to sell with us, either within that next event, or across the Autumn at a later stage.

  • Lot 24 – Harold Riley Pair of Miniature Oils – £6,800
  • Lot 24a – LS Lowry Signed Print of ‘Our Town’ – £3,000
  • Lot 31 – David Bowie Handwritten Sleeve Memorabilia – £2,000
  • Lot 211b – Hans Olsen/Frem Rojle Danish Teak Table & Chairs Set – £1,200
  • Lot 101 – 18ct Baume Mercier Gold Wristwatch – £1,000
  • Lot 111 – 9ct Gold Antique Italian Chain – £640
  • Lot 6 – Mouseman Stool – £600
  • Lot 102 – Omega Constellation Wrist Watch – £500
  • Lot 181 – Moorcroft Copse at Eventide Vase – £450
  • Lot 182 – Moorcroft Halaka Prestige Vase – £450

Sunday 3rd September Catalogue – Initial Catalogue around 350 lots online right now…

Hi Everyone – so as we’re stood the initial catalogue, at around 350 lots, for our Sunday 3rd September is online via The-Saleroom and Easylive Auctions.. There’s still quite a few items to be added over the coming days, to take us above 500 lots by Friday give or take..

To be clear, the reason why we have additional assorted lots that go through and get added across the Wednesday and Thursday of our sale weeks, is because specific to the way that both Easylive and Saleroom’s item and new lot notification systems work.. it means that our new auction listing will appear every morning within a prospective buyers’ interests and the particular collectables they might buy.. 60-70 new lots per day in advance of the sale works and helps re-focus certainly trade buyers, amongst the 400-500 UK auctioneers’ catalogues that can often be online from month to month.

Halifax Mill Auctioneers | PREVIEW – Antiques & General Sale inc Chinese Pieces, Gold Jewellery, Omega Watches, Lowry Signed, Moorcroft, Silver, Mouseman, w/more to add (the-saleroom.com)

Preview – Antiques & General Sale Inc Chinese Pieces, G… (03 Sep 23) (easyliveauction.com)

Do make sure if you’re keen on bidding within our 3rd September sale, that you take a final look at the catalogue on Friday afternoon before the weekend, don’t miss out!


Good Morning Everyone – Next Sale on 3rd September, a quick preview of what to expect!

Hello, I hope you’re all well and have had a great summer, amidst some of the questionable weather we’ve had here and there! The catalogue is coming together nicely for Sunday and we should have the initial version of it, around 350 lots online, later this evening.. with another 150+ to add in over Wednesday and Thursday.

Highlights so far for me include a Mouseman Stool, some Christopher Dresser Teapots, Windsor Mint Coin Collection, David Bowie signed Memorabilia, Masonic/Knight’s Templar sword, another signed LS Lowry print, a great selection of Moorcroft Pottery, various Chinese collectables, Omega Watches, a lovely array of jewellery.. All in all, just another interesting sale at Halifax Mill Auctioneers!

To re-confirm as well with regards to where we are for the remainder of the year, our diary dates are as follows:

  • September 3rd
  • September 24th
  • October 15th
  • November 5th
  • November 19th – Specialist Jewellery Sale
  • December 3rd

Update from 30th July Sale & Our Upcoming Sale on 3rd September..

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all well and looking forward, or enjoying right now, your summer holidays!

So our 30th July sale was an interesting one, some top results like the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladies at £4,300, plus the German Sword at £880 and the Gold Charm bracelet at £820.. At the bottom of this blog is the Top 15 financials from that sale..

So our next sale, given the generally accepted assumption that August is a weak month for auctions, is Sunday 3rd September, and we’re taking in consignments as we speak… Not a great deal of news on the horizon as we’re having a degree of a break, but outside of the Autumn run, we are having a specialist jewellery event on 19th November.

All the best to everyone for the summer and here’s our Top 15 from the 30th July sale:


  • Lot 130 – Rolex Oyster Datejust Ladies Watch – £4,300
  • Lot 18 – Moorcroft Vase – £410
  • Lot 33e – German Dress Sword – £880
  • Lot 37e – Large Big Ben Style Antique Brass Clock – £300
  • Lot 23 – Garrard Art Deco Style Clock – £280
  • Lot 31 – Bassett-Lowke Ltd Queen Mary Model – £260
  • Lot 83 – Stamp Collection – £260
  • Lot 100 – Antique Chest of Drawers – £310
  • Lot 137 – 9ct Gold Charm Bracelet – £580
  • Lot 138 – 9ct Gold Charm Bracelet – £820
  • Lot 139 – 9ct Gold Charm Bracelet – £720
  • Lot 147 – 22ct Gold Wedding Band – £330
  • Lot 154 – 22ct Gold Wedding Band – £360
  • Lot 173 – 9ct Gold Pocketwatch Chain & Fob/Medal – £580
  • Lot 251 – Pair of Gold Dress Rings – £320

Evening Everyone – Our Next Sale this coming Sunday 2nd July @ 12.00pm – Catalogue links with the lot listings to date..

Hi All, hope you’re all well… So, just a quick blog update to provide a link to the catalogue below..

There are a fair few more items to add this evening, but we’ll be 99% there by tomorrow and then ready for the viewing days, commencing on Saturday @ 10am.

Sunday’s sale is a little smaller than usual at just over 400 lots, but nonetheless still interesting, from a Star Wars, Jewellery, Enid Blyton, Beswick, Furniture, and Sporting memorabilia perspective!

Following on from our last sale on 11th June, we’re again not having a Friday viewing day – basically it’s only ever garnered 10-15 people through the door, and for the time being across the Summer months, we’ll just go with the main Saturday day for viewing in person… John, Jonathan and I will be on-hand for any questions from 10am! Thank you. James

Halifax Mill Auctioneers | PREVIEW – Collectables & General Sale inc Gold & Silver Jewellery, Vintage Toys & a Star Wars Collection, Royal Dux, Poole, Arts, more to add (the-saleroom.com)

Preview – Collectables & General Sale inc Gold & Silver… (02 Jul 23) (easyliveauction.com)