Sadly, we are changing the date for Sunday’s auction, to Sunday 29th January due to an Electrical problem at our building..

I’m very sorry to have to communicate this to our followers and subscribers, but we’ve been forced into moving this coming Sunday, ie the day after tomorrow’s sale, to the following Sunday, 29th January..

Yesterday afternoon the power died to the ground and second floors, which didn’t fix itself with fuse and DIY switch on and offs sadly.. The electricians came through today and it looks like the fault is significant enough to not allow either heat in the auction house or the range of WI-FI/Laptops/TV at the same time, which tbh is essential for us to run the day and have people viewing in advance as well.

Obviously this is all less than ideal, but the fix should be with us on Mon/Tue of next week as the Electrician is coming in to fit a new breaker circuit.. Apologies again and I hope you can all be understanding.. James

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  1. Did the auction finally take place on 28 January? I would much appreciate an update on my items please.

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