Recap on Results from 6th November and looking forward to our final sale of 2022, on Sunday 27th November..

Good evening everyone, I trust you’re all well, staying safe and keeping warm as we move towards the winter months.. I and the team here are doing okay, busy as ever, with a few new faces on Sunday inc another John on the team, Jonathan who is one of our new clerks, and Vickie in the office too..

The 6th November catalogue was an interesting one, nothing that in advance was going to set the headlines, but on the day itself there were certainly items that way outperformed their estimates, with the two notables being the Triggs Guildford fusee mantel clock at £1,450, and the Victorian Cranberry glass mirror at £950.

Our next sale is on Sunday 27th November, so do get in touch during this coming week if you’d like to consign anything for that date – in the meantime, please take a look at the below top 10 from Sunday, and I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂 James

  • Lot 28 – Triggs of Guildford Fusee Mantel Clock – £1,450
  • Lot 30 – Victorian Cranberry Glass Mirror – £950
  • Lot 44 – 19th Century Viennese Swiss-Made Enamel Rotary Clock – £800
  • Lot 47 – Quartet of Chinese Plates and Bowls – £800
  • Lot 15 – Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Vases – £750
  • Lot 35 – Zodiac Penny Slot ‘Answers for Love’ Arcade Machine – £650
  • Lot 17 – Norris A7 Woodworking Plane – £600
  • Lot 52 – Pair of mid-18th Century William Gould Silver Candlesticks – £600
  • Lot 60a – 19th Century De Bruyn Still Life Oil – £500
  • Lot 151 – Hammersley Floral Tea Set – £500

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