A recap on our Sunday 15th May Sale!

Good evening everyone, I must say time goes slowly when I think back that our sale was only a week ago today.. It was an interesting day and outside of us having accepted a couple of Rolex watches with too high/optimistic reserves, it was a great sale.. Whether it be a number of new buyer faces, our new sale-room bidding platform partnership improving, or the range of collectables that overachieved, it was a successful day all-around!

Our catalogue for 12th June is already looking interesting with additional appointments in the book for this week and next, plus we’re accepting goods and consignments all the time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to sell with us across either this next auction or on 3rd or 24th July..

For now though, here are the top ten financials from last week’s sale and catch you all soon, also do keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates here and there:


  • Lot 57a – Commissioned Peter Brook Original Art – £5,800
  • Lot 50 – Halifax Private Vehicle Registration Plate – £2,600
  • Lot 57b -Peter Brook Chicken & egg Art – £1,150
  • Lot 196 – Tudor 1964 Oyster Stainless Steel Wristwatch – £850
  • Lot 11 – Bespoke Meccano Box and Contents – £500
  • Lot 188 – Collection of Pink Precious Stones – £500
  • Lot 193 – 18ct Gold & Diamond Ring – £480
  • Lot 210 – Collection of Vintage Whitby Jet – £480
  • Lot 208 – 18ct Gold Identity Bracelet – £440
  • Lot 21 – Sylko Dewhurst’s Sewing Drawers – £300

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