Initial Sunday 15th May Auction Catalogue now uploaded and online via Easylive & The-Saleroom!

Good afternoon everyone, hope you’ve all had a nice weekend.. So the first online upload of the 15th May catalogue went up last night, just 260 lots so far, but once we get are skates on across the rest of today, Tuesday, Wednesday (latest), we should be up around 350 lots.. There are some great items again I must say, so I hope you all enjoy having a browse through – remember we do have two bidding platforms too, and I’ve included both links below..

Bidding with the Saleroom adds on 4.95%+vat and Easylive adds either 3%+vat or they offer a one-off £3 up-front fee prior to registering, meaning on that basis no additional percentage uplift to your commission total..


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