Welcome to our 17th October Sale everyone!

Good morning bloggers/followers, hope you’re all doing well – so here is the link to our next sale, this coming Sunday:


There a couple of additional lots to add in across the remainder of today (Wednesday), so the total will likely be around 330 once we’re said and done! For those of you who are interested in the Antiques Road Trip filming and part of the day, their experts have consigned 20 items with us, so take a look and maybe see if you can guess the twenty?! Best score so far is 5/20!!

On the Road Trip front, the only other thing to mention, sadly, is that the experts, James Braxton and Natasha Raskin-Sharp, are sadly not going to be with us on the day itself due to covid filming concerns and restrictions, but the cameras and STV’s production crew are.. whatever the case it should be an exciting day 🙂

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