Thank you all for a Great 25th July Sale

Hi Everyone – so Sunday’s sale was a success, a little bit of a lull with some of the office furniture mid-way through the sale, but nonetheless still a great day for both our sellers and buyers..

Best results from the auction were the two 18ct Diamond Rings, at £1,000 & £950 respectively, plus the group of Mercantile/Naval medals, at £1,100.. In the end we managed to get the Alien vs Predator table away after the sale for £455, with a couple of other post-sale deals, however the large Duresta sofa, arguably one of the nicest things in the catalogue, is still for sale and can be privately acquired from ourselves if you can reach the £300+commission reserve we had against the piece.

We’re taking goods in as we speak for our next sale, so do drop us a line if you’re keen to take advantage of our market-leading seller commission, at just 10%+VAT.

One final point is around reviews and sharing the new-found love you might have for the business! If you’ve had a good experience with us so far during 2021, or simply just like what we’re doing, appreciate the friendliness alongside the professionalism etc, then please do pop a review into our Google business page, or into Facebook – any leg-up or support you can provide is really genuinely appreciated 🙂 Thank you and all the best to everyone for a great summer!


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